Our method

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We offer a complete support which will allow you to benefit from our expertise and to realize a successful rental investment on the real estate market of Tbilisi.
For a successful real estate project, you must follow these 4 golden rules: know how to buy at the right price, how to renovate, how to decorate and how to rent well. Thereafter, the quality of the works and the maintenance of the property will make it possible to perpetuate your inheritance.

How to buy

It is the basis of any real estate project in rental investment. For us it's simple: we never buy too expensive. We know the real estate market of Tbilisi and we buy only in the old one, properties to renovate whose assets we estimate largely superior to the weaknesses. We buy at the right price, in historic districts which present the best districts of the city. Our goal is to reach a strong rental profitability. This is our only option for doing the best business in Tbilisi. 


Renovation is essential to make the property attractive. A bad renovation will dissuade the tenants who will turn to other more attractive goods. Moreover this one will age badly. We work with our companies according to strict specifications, and with whom we develop a long-term vision. The only criteria is the guarantee of seriousness in the choice of our renovation companies. Today, we know them and if we work with them, it is because the work provided is of quality, with quality materials, at honest prices and on time. A good renovation is the guarantee of a high rental return.


Offering a furnished property makes it possible to rent it more expensive than an empty property offered. But the furnishing and decoration must be attractive, that's the whole concept of house staging. To realize a decoration "coup de coeur", which is not too personalized, with good equipments, to allow each tenant to imagine stays in your apartment. 

The Rental

You have an attractive apartment, with careful renovation and decoration. Now the question is to offer it on the upper range of the market because your property is above many other goods offered. 


Our management services ensure the proper rental and maintenance of your property in Tbilisi. If you wish, you can give us this mandate. 

Through all these stages, you have made a successful rental investment. You have a quality property, bought at the right price and rented on the top edge in relation to its equipment. If you have followed these steps scrupulously you will have a high Return on Investment.