Gurian-Consulting Press Office - 2018-04-23

Tbilissi 24/7

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"Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic growth in the world's night economies, and represents a valuable asset for local and national economies through job creation, income and also as an important factor in socialization. The night economy brings huge revenues to cities like London (£26.3 billion, New York ($10 billion) or Berlin (€12 billion)"

This is the statement of K. Kaladze, the mayor of the capital of Georgia, who announced at the end of April 2018 a big consultation of stakeholders - tourism institutions, accommodation professionals, organisers of festive or cultural events - to identify measures "and make nightlife in Tbilisi a factor of international tourist attraction".

These proposals should strengthen the links between tourist operators and nightlife actors, and "enhance the image of nightlife in Tbilisi" by proposing an "innovative offer to make certain places in Tbilisi one of the international nightlife destinations".

To meet the high demand for entertainment and cultural activities during this time of day, the mayor suggests, for example, creating "night programming" in the capital to promote nightlife and by promoting "the creation of places to celebrate". This plan for the development of the night economy in Tbilisi will include the creation of new cultural events, night cinemas, and will propose to extend the night schedules of cultural sites such as theatres, museums, libraries, concert halls and shops located in tourist areas.

K. Kaladzé intends to develop, in parallel, the regulations relating to night life (in particular noise regulation), and above all, night transport services: "For international tourists to take advantage of these beautiful facilities, it is necessary to facilitate their access to information and transport by extending the opening hours of metro lines, especially during the weekends, increasing the frequency of night buses, adding new lines... Not to forget maps that "clearly identify the districts renowned for their nightlife".

The Mayor of Tbilisi announced that some of the " actions will have to be taken within the next six months " and noted that Tbilisi City Hall was already cooperating with the Ministry of Interior to improve security standards in the city, especially during the late hours.

"A night economy will help Tbilisi to attract even more tourists and above all to create all the conditions for them to stay longer in Tbilisi, because even one more day in our capital is an added income for the city," he concluded. - 211