About Georgia and Caucasus

avatar_About Georgia and Caucasus

Georgia is a country with a very liberal policy, which has reduced to a minimum its administrative formalities, its import and export rights, and enjoys modern (and developing) infrastructures. No other country in the world has made so much progress in eradicating corruption in so little time. Today, Georgia is one of the safest countries in the world. It is at the top of many World Bank "Ease doing business" rankings, and Georgians are proud of it.

This small piece of land with beautiful landscapes is located in a strategic trading area between Asia and Europe, and is a very attractive destination, to live, do business and make investments. The cost of living is very low, the process to get a residence permit is simple, and Georgia is now considered a very business-friendly country because of its extremely low tax burden and ease of starting a business. The country is also well known for its efficient, transparent and secure banking system. Such a business climate means that the country is attracting more and more foreign capital.

More, the country has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. The landscapes of Jason's ancient Colchid and the Golden Fleece are fantastic! The georgian gastronomy and hospitality are not a legend. The number of tourists visiting the Caucasus Jewel has doubled compared to only four years ago. And this sector is still growing and will break new records in 2019.`

Georgia of the Caucasus is considered by the World Economic Forum as the ninth economy with the lowest taxes, there are only 6 taxes in all and for all. In the overall ranking of the Ease Doing Business 2018, Georgia is ranked 6th, ahead of Switzerland, Holland or Germany, fourth for its ease to register a property, fourth for its ease to start a business and twelfth for access to the loan, and... second for investor protection. Not bad, for a country still "almost unknown". Although local source income is taxed at 20%, dividends and interest are taxed at source only at 5% and are not included in personal income tax. Rental investment income is also very low (5%).

As for companies, one day is enough for their registration. Profits are exempt from tax if they are reinvested (those distributed will be taxed at 15%). There are no restrictions to buy a property through a company you have created in Georgia. 

Georgia has a very liberal immigration policy: it is simple to get A Residence permit. The incorporation of a business or the accreditation of a professional activity is sufficient to get a temporary permit. With an investment of US$100,000, you can become a permanent resident. Getting tax residence in Georgia is very attractive due to its low personal income tax burden. It is possible to have a tax-free residence, provided that no income from Georgian sources is earned.

In short, Georgia's rapid integration into the global market, highly attractive tax regime, easy access, strategic location, low labour costs and easy to get residence permit make Georgia an attractive country to live, develop a business, invest and diversify its finances.