Why invest in real estate in Tbilisi?

Tbilisi is an attractive city, where short-rental demand is strong and return yields high. A rental investment in Tbilisi is an interesting choice that allows you to weigh the pros and cons between a strong liquidity and a very attractive rental return. Tbilisi is a beautiful and dynamic city and is enjoying a new attractiveness, after two difficult post-Soviet decades. 

Asset Management

You need to remotely manage your property in your absence in order to make your real estate investment in Georgia profitable. For the rental of your property, Gurian Partners' management service is at your disposal. Supported by its own business management software and 25 years of management experience, Gurian Partners offers a range of services that guarantee reliable and efficient management to ensure your peace of mind. 

Our method

For a successful rental project, it is necessary to follow 4 golden rules: know how to buy at the best price, a good renovation, a good decoration and a good rental price. If these steps are strictly followed, you will have a high profitability in Tbilisi. We advise you on the entire real estate transaction, from the search for the property to its rental, including strict quality control of the renovation work and its house staging.


What you need to know about real-estate in Georgia

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